Custom Type Delimiters

In the case you need to use different type delimiters, you can configure this globally for all actions. By default, the middleware uses a underscore _ delimiter.

For example, given FOO async action, PENDING type will be appended with a underscore _ delimiter.

  type: 'FOO_PENDING'

To change the default, supply an optional configuration object to the middleware with the promiseTypeDelimiter property. This property accepts a new string to use as the delimiter.

import { createPromise } from 'redux-promise-middleware';

    promiseTypeDelimiter: '/'

With this configuration, given FOO async action, the type will be appended with a forward slash / delimiter.

  type: 'FOO/PENDING'

Finally, if you are using a library like type-to-reducer, you'll also need to configure it to handle the custom delimiter].

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